Hand Surgery After Axillary Lymph Node Clearance for Breast Cancer

Despite changes in breast cancer treatment, recommendations and precautions regarding lymphedema and procedures in the ipsilateral arm have been ingrained in patients as well as physicians. Patients might chose to live with a painful but treatable condition, or physicians themselves might discourage patients from having an elective surgery, even in the absence of lymphedema. Thus patients often forego surgeries for hand and upper extremity conditions, though there is little data in the literature and no consensus in the recommendations for these patients. Learn more about twenty years of research that can put your mind at ease, and lead you to the relief you seek.

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The Scheker Prosthesis

We now have a new prosthesis and method of treating loss of pronation and suppination caused by incongruity of the joint between the radius and ulna (the radioulnar joint ) of the wrist. Movement in the palm up and palm down motion of the wrist is called pronation and suppination. Pronation is when you turn your palm down toward the floor and suppination is when you turn your palm up toward the sky.

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Gardening Safety Means Hand Safety

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), emergency rooms treat more than 400,000 outdoor garden-tool-related accidents each year. With proper safety techniques, you can stay away from the hospital and avoid becoming a statistic. “Just because you might be out relaxing in the garden doesn’t mean you should throw safety precautions to the wind. Before you start each task, simply ask yourself, ‘What can I do to keep my hands safe?’”

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Wrist & Forearm Procedures & Conditions

Wrist and forearm injuries can happen suddenly, as in a fall, or from wear and tear from everyday activity. Dr. Van Wyk works closely and communicates regularly with our on-site Certified Hand Therapists to monitor the patients’ progress to ensure our patients receive the most appropriate care for their wrist or forearm condition.

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Hand & Upper Extremity Therapy

Optimal recovery of hand and upper extremity injury or disease begins with early intervention and care. It is essential to begin treatment the moment your doctor approves therapy. From your very first appointment, the certified hand therapists of Dr. Van Wyk’s is working to take you from where you are today– to where you want to be. As your treatment advances, we will continually evaluate your progress, making adjustments where needed.

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Pediatric & Congenital Procedures & Conditions

Pediatric & Congenital Procedures& Conditions Pediatric & Congenital Procedures& Conditions A congenital condition is one that a child is born with. Any type of deformity in a newborn infant can become a challenge for the child as he or she grows. Early consultation with a hand surgeon is an important part [Read More]

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Elbow Procedures & Conditions

Elbow Procedures & Conditions Elbow Procedures & Conditions The elbow is a complex joint that allows you to perform pushing and pulling movements and to rotate your forearm. Elbow pain can be caused by injury or strain to the bones in your elbow joint, the surrounding muscles or tendons, [Read More]

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