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Pediatric &

Pediatric & Congenital Procedures & Conditions

A congenital condition is one that a child is born with. Any type of deformity in a newborn infant can become a challenge for the child as he or she grows. Early consultation with a hand surgeon is an important part of the treatment process for the child born with a hand or upper extremity deformity.

Dr. Van Wyk commonly treats the following Pediatric and Congenital conditions:

To obtain more detailed information about conditions of the hand, wrist, forearm and elbow, visit our Patient Resources page.

If you require care and treatment for the hand and upper extremity, call the Van Wyk Hand Center at 817-877-3113 to schedule an appointment.

Please Note: The medical information contained on this website is provided to increase your knowledge and understanding of hand and upper extremity problems or conditions. This information should not be interpreted as the Van Wyk Hand Center’s recommendation for a specific medical or surgical treatment plan.